How to produce

1) Designing 2) BuildingNebuta Tent 3) Parts Production
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Getting materials from historical story, designer starts drawing laugh design by pencil and then colors up. Nebuta designer takes most time for this stage.

Building Nebuta tents for making and containing Nebuta. Its size becomes 12m width, 12m depth, 6m to 7m hight.

Making parts ( "face" " hands" "legs" "knife" " spear" etc,) as previously arranged. If the rough drawing is finishied earlier, these parts are prepared before the tent is built.
4) Framing 5) Electric Wiring 6) Paper Pasting
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Making wooden frame in order to paste Japanese paper with wires and strings. (Before around 1955, bamboo is used instead of wires.)

Electric bulbs and fluorescent lamps (600 to 800 pieces) are used inside Nebuta, though candles are used in old days.

Pasting paper, lest it runs off the edge. It is the most difficult process of Nebuta production.
7) Drawing (Sumi Ink) 8) Drawing (Braze) 9) Painting
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Drawing with Sumi Ink.

Patterning with colored braze.
It also prevents from blotting.

Painting with colorant.
10) Placing

Placing Nebuta on the 2m height base by 50 people. Nebuta hight becomes 5m altogether.