Nebuta Rules

To enjoy Nebuta all together

We suggest some rules to enjoy Nebuta Festival more together with all festival-goers. Let's make Nebuta Festival be successful together!

*Gather at the waiting circle 30 minutes earlier than Nebuta parade starts.

*Put on "HANAGASA"(special hat for the festival) and the set costume.

*Follow the instructions of the Executive Committee.

*Do not bring any other whistles which have no relation with Nebuta Festival Music.

*Do not set off fireworks or firecrackers.

*Do not bring any bottles of alcohol or throw away any empty cans.

*Do not join Nebuta parade on its way after it starts.

*Clear the way for Ambulance and Fire Engine when they are called out.

Costume of "HANETO"

Let's join Nebuta Festival not only as audience but as "HANETO" (Dancer). By joining as "HANETO", you can enjoy the festival all the more ! The costume of NANETO is sold at department store in Aomori-city about 10,000 yen. There are also shops which lend and do Nebuta costume fitting about 4,000yen.


1. Putting "HANAGASA" on the head

2. Tucking up your sleeves with "TASUKI".

3. Putting on "SHIGOKI" around your waist and "GAGASHIKO"(*) on your hip

*"GAGASHIKO" is a tin canteen for drinks.
4. Wearing set "YUKATA" or "KIMONO".
5. Tucking up the skirt, and put on pink or blue "OKOSHI" under it.
6. Putting on "SIRATABI" or "ZOURI" for your shoes.

* * *

Shops you can lent Nebuta Costume.
(They also do Nebuta costume fitting.)

Shop name Address Telephone
"Koubeya" 2Tsutsumi-machi 017-723-3389
"Watanabe Service" 2 Nagashima 017-777-1388
"Winner's Tailor" 1 chuou 017-773-2761
"Kimono Minagawa" 1 Shinmachi 017-722-6073
"Pure Kato" 1 Shinmachi 090-5236-5374
"Fukushi Sports" 1 Furukawa 017-723-3567